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Izmir – the westernised beauty on the Aegean coast

Visitors of Izmir can combine impressive history lessons with leisure time on the beautiful beaches nearby. One of Turkey’s most fascinating and cosmopolitan cities, it is also said to be the most westernised. Izmir means “to Smyrna” in old Greek, the Latin name it was formerly known under. First settlements date back to around 6,500 – 4,000 BC, many ancient sites document the early origins. The city has also been a cultural centre for many years, with a broad range of cultural events. One legend even believes it the birthplace of the famous ancient writer Homer.

The cocktail of innovation and tradition, magnificent mosques and churches, buoyant bazaars and the famous Turkish hospitality proves irresistible. So, why not make it your next holiday destination? Seven NephroCare clinics across the town are prepared to take your holiday dialysis appointment – and daydreaming of your alluring new impressions will shorten your time at the clinic.

Caressing the soul with sightseeing and sunset

Every city has its own landmark, so in Izmir a visit should start with the Historical Clock Tower on Konak Square. It was built in 1901 as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the succession of the throne of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The four clocks on its surface were a gift from the German Emperor Wilhelm II. The clock tower with a Moorish feel is also a good starting point for exploring the surrounding quarters on foot, as they are within easy reach. Konak Square is a lively place that invites you to spend some time, chill and perhaps have a Turkish coffee in one of the coffee houses or bars nearby.

Plan your time in the city to include at least one stroll along the Kordon waterfront at sunset. When the weather is right, this glorious spectacle of nature is something to take home in your heart. Just around the corner from Konak Square, the long seafront promenade stretches from the bohemian Alsancak quarter to Konak Pier and Konak Square and further along the coast. By the way, the customs house on Konak Pier was built by Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Take a walk enjoying the sunshine and the fantastic views over the sea and city at any time of day, ride a bike by the waterside or enjoy a relaxing picnic on the grass. Time spent on this iconic strip is always worth your while. The scenic ferry ride across Izmir’s bay is stunning, too. Join the locals on the 20 minute passage from Konak Pier to Karşıyaka which also allows you to enjoy the incredible emerald-green colour of the water.

A visit to Turkey is not complete without exploring a bazaar – and the central Kemeraltı bazaar is just the thing. You can quite forget the time meandering through thousands of small shops selling almost anything you could possibly want or imagine. So, have a break in one of the cafes and tea gardens here and there or marvel at the mosques and synagogues. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere, have a chat with the smiling and shouting marketeers inviting visitors and locals alike to inspect their wares, even if it’s obvious you won’t be buying

In the wake of the ancient Greeks

Right in the city center, surrounded by hillside residential areas, busy bazaar streets, car parks and commercial buildings, you come across Izmir Agora. The freestanding columns on the ancient market place are some of the few remaining ancient ruins in Izmir. The place gives you an impression of the time when the city was an important stop on the Silk Road, the famous trade routes connecting the East and West.

Kadifekale Castle, with its strategic location on top of the hill, offers spectacular views of the harbour and city. The castle goes back to the days of Alexander the Great. Originally built for the ancient Greek city of Smyrna, only the gates, walls and some ruins remain on site but the view of the Gulf of Izmir is definitely worth the ascent.

Meet the old Europe in Ephesus at the ancient sites / /

A visit to Ephesus is a must if you are spending time in the Izmir area. Every year, almost two million visitors come to this amazing place where history and mythology blend together. The landscape around the ancient Roman city varies from beautifully breathtaking to rather barren. The site itself is full of romanticism and takes you back to centuries ago when Ephesus was a highly frequented stop on the Silk Road. It was then a multicultural city where people from all over the world sailed to the port to stock up on exotic spices and fruits, visit the talented Turkish cloth-makers.

The whole area is most impressive, the ancient Temple of Hadrian is thought to be the best preserved in the eastern Mediterranean. It also contains the Temple of Artemis, which counted among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This magnificent Library of Celsus has been extensively restored. Dating from the early 2nd century BC, it is the best-known monument in Ephesus. It reminds its visitors of how humans have always valued knowledge and learning since the very early times.


Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey and one of the most important. So you will find the typical broad range of accommodations of all standards and for all budgets – luxury and moderate hotels, boutique hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and holiday apartments. The seven NephroCare clinics are distributed so generously across the city, that it is up to you to decide where you want to rest your head at night. Two NephroCare centers are in the Northern area, three quite near the seaside, one in the city center and one in the South, near Ephesus and the airport.

Culinary & Culture

Celebrating life vivaciously

Izmir is full of museums and cultural centres to fill up your time. Many events, exhibitions and local festivals add colour and spice all year round. The most famous annual festival, the Izmir International Festival, lasts for one month from the middle of June. It hosts performances from famous musicians and performance groups as well as to the local arts of Izmir. The annual Izmir International Fair entertains with concerts, jazz nights, street shows, theatres and musicals from various local and foreign artists, wellness activities, movie displays and more.

In Turkey, coffee isn’t a drink — it’s a celebration event. Turkish coffee is made by adding coffee grounds and water to a small pot. The thick brew then takes time to simmer and steep, leaving time for a chat. While the coffee is brewing, sugar is added, then the brew is poured straight from the pot into a cup. Therefore, sip Turkish coffee cautiously and never stir it. Beware of the thick layer at the bottom of the cup.

The local cuisine is quite multinational, deliciously combining Greek, Cretan, and Turkish traditions. Fish, shellfish, and greens are the main products here. During your vacation in Izmir, consider trying such dishes as İnegöl köfte (patty cakes made of minced meat with sesame seeds), Çiporta (stewed zucchini with beans and chicory), lamb meat cutlets with pepper and tomato sauce, pie with poppy seeds, shrimps with mushrooms.


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